• Grand Prix - Sergey Diaghilev Prize—was not awarded.
  • First prize: 3 000 US dollars, Medal, and the title of the Laureate—Yana Salenko (Ukraine); divided between Danyil Simkin (Germany); Gerlin Ndudy (Ukraine).
  • Second prize: 2 000 US dollars, Medal, and the title of the Laureate— divided between Anastasia Lomatchenkova (Russia, St.-Petersburg), Anastasia Stashkevitch (Russia, Moscow); divided between Vyatcheslav Lopatin (Russia, Moscow); Hideo Sugano (Japan).
  • Third prize: 1 000 US dollars, Bronze Medal, and the title of the Laureate— divided between Alya Tanykpayeva (Kazakhstan), Alya Khasenova (Kazakhstan); divided between Roman Artiushkin (Russia, Moscow); Sergey Mershin (Russia, Perm).
  • Diplomas—Yaroslava Araptanova (Russia, Perm); Kristina Balaban (Ukraine); Yekaterina Guschina (Russia, Perm); Natalia Domratcheva (Ukraine); Asken Kulbekov (Kazakhstan); Yevgeny Lagunov (Ukraine); Gulsina Mavliukasova (Russia, Bashkortostan, Ufa); Kyrill Radev (Russia, Moscow); Margarita Rudina (Russia, Yekaterinburg); Sergey Sidorsky (Ukraine); Linda Silinya (Latvia); Song Syao (China); Guzel Suleimanova (Russia, Bashkortostan, Ufa); Dosdgan Tabyldy (Kazakgstan); Artur Shesterikov (Russia, Perm).

Name prizes

  • Yekaterina Maximova and Vladimir Vassiliev award to the best duet 2 500 US dollars, a sculpture "Duet"— was not awarded.
  • Natalia Makarova award 1 000 US dollars to the best female dancer —Yana Salenko (Ukraine).
  • Mikhail Baryshnikov award to the best male dancer 1 000 US dollars—Danyil Simkin (Germany).
  • Award of a Japaneze-Russian couple Yukari Saito and Nikolai Fyodorov to the most talented dancers among the youngest competitors 1 000 US dollars—Vladislava Vasylieva(Ukraine).
  • George Zoritch award to the best female dancer for technical precision and performance artistry 1 000 US dollars—Yaroslava Araptanova (Russia, Perm).
  • "Permtourist" Company award for a best performance of George Balanchine's choreography piece 1 000 US dollars—divided between Linda Silinya (Latvia); Vyatcheslav Lopatin (Russia, Moscow).

Special awards and prizes

  • Award to a choreographer for the best contemporary choreography piece, specially created for the Competition 1 000 US dollars— was not awarded.
  • Award for the best performing of a contemporary choreography piece 1 000 US dollars—divided among Song Syao (China), Kim Sol Hui (Korea).
  • Perm State P.I. Tchaikovsky Opera and Ballet Theatre award for the best artistic performing of a classic piece with music by P.I. Tchaikovsky 1 000 US dollars— Sergey Sidorsky (Ukraine).
  • Marius Petipa award, instituted by Perm local public foundation of support and development of Perm State Tchaikovsky Opera and Ballet Theatre "Pearl of Ural" 1 000 US dollars for purity and academism of classical dancing— Sergey Sidorsky (Ukraine).
  • Andrey Kibanov award to the most talented participant from Perm 1 000 US dollars—Artur Shesterikov (Russia, Perm).
  • "GRISHKO" Company award —Yekaterina Guschina (Russia, Perm).
  • Award to the best partner, who did not take part at the competition 500 US dollars each— Natalia Moiseyeva (Russia, Perm).
  • "U&B Sound" Group award — Song Syao (China), Dosdgan Tabyldy (Kazakgstan), Natalia Domratcheva (Ukraine), Sergey Sidorsky (Ukraine).
  • Jury of Press award, instituted by the Theatrical Association of Russia,— Vyatcheslav Lopatin (Russia, Moscow).
Danyil Simkin
Gerlin Ndudy
Yana Salenko and Hideo Sugano
Vyatcheslav Lopatin
Natalia Domratcheva and Sergey Sidorsky
Sergey Mershin
Alya Tanykpayeva and Kyrill Radev
Linda Silinya
Song Syao
Vladislava Vasylieva and Yukari Saito
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