• Grand Prix - Sergey Diaghilev Prize—was not awarded.
  • First prize: 3 000 US dollars, Gold Medal, and the title of the Laureate—divided between Be Joo Yun (South Korea); Kalina Kalcheva (Bulgaria); divided between Konstantin Ivanov (Russia, Moscow); Alexey Tyukov (Russia, Perm).
  • Second prize: 2 000 US dollars, Silver Medal, and the title of the Laureate— Oksana Kuzmenko (Russia, Moscow); Roman Mikhalyov (Russia, St.-Petersburg).
  • Third prize: 1 000 US dollars, Bronze Medal, and the title of the Laureate— divided between Anisa Azizova (Russia, Tchelyabinsk); Nadezhda Ivanova (Russia, Perm); divided between Serzhan Kaukov (Kazakhstan); Anatoly Stavrov (Russia, Novosibirsk).
  • Diplomas— Denis Akinfeyev (Russia, Moscow); Natalia Ashikhmina (Russia, Novosibirsk); Alexey Bazhitov (Kazakhstan); Roman Gheer (Russia, Perm); Rina Iwakiri (Japan); Natalia Makina (Russia, Perm); Momchil Mladenov (Bulgaria); Margarita Rudina (Russia, Yekaterinburg); Mailen Tleubayev (Russia, St.-Petersburg).

Name prizes

  • Yekaterina Maximova and Vladimir Vassiliev award to the best duet 2 500 US dollars, a sculpture "Duet"— Be Joo Yun (South Korea) and Konstantin Ivanov (Russia, Moscow).
  • Natalia Makarova award to the best female dancer— was not awarded.
  • Mikhail Baryshnikov award to the best male dancer—was not awarded.
  • Nina Ananiashvili award to the most talented female dancer among the youngest competitors 1 000 US dollars— Nadezhda Ivanova (Russia, Perm).

Special awards and prizes

  • Perm State P.I. Tchaikovsky Opera and Ballet Theatre award for the best artistic performing of a classic piece with music by P.I. Tchaikovsky 1 000 US dollars— Kalina Kalcheva (Bulgaria).
  • Mikhail Arnopolsky award to the most talented participant from Perm 1 000 US dollars— Alexey Tyukov (Russia, Perm).
  • Jury of the competition award for the best concert piece of contemporary choreography 2 000 US dollars— Krasen Krystev (Bulgaria); Kirill Shmorgoner (Russia, Perm).
Kalina Kalcheva
Konstantin Ivanov
Alexey Tyukov
Oksana Kuzmenko
Roman Mikhalyov
Be Joo Yun and Konstantin Ivanov
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