• Grand Prix - Sergey Diaghilev Prize—was not awarded.
  • First prize: 2 000 US dollars, Gold Medal, and the title of the Laureate— Anastasia Yatzenko (Russia, Moscow); Andrey Batalov (Russia, St. Petersburg).
  • Second prize: 1 500 US dollars, Silver Medal, and the title of the Laureate — Vanessa Zakhorian (USA); Dmitry Gudanov (Russia, Moscow).
  • Third prize: 1 000 US dollars, Bronze Medal, and the title of the Laureate— Anna Tzigankova (Russia, Novosibirsk); divided between: Konstantin Kuznetsov(Byelorussia); Denis Medvedev (Russia, Moscow).
  • Diplomas— Yelena Androsova (Russia, Perm); Bold Batkhurel (Mongolia); Roman Vasiliev (Russia, Syktyvkar); Yulia Dyatko (Byelorussia); Anna Ivanova (Russia, Moscow); Alexey Nasadovich (Russia, Yekaterinburg); Olga Rozhevich (Russia, Tcheboksary); Margarita Rudina (Russia, Yekaterinburg); Daria Sosnina (Russia, Perm); Alexey Tyukov (Russia, Perm).

Name prizes

  • Yekaterina Maximova and Vladimir Vassiliev award to the best duet 2 500 US dollars, a sculpture "Duet"— was not awarded.
  • Natalia Makarova award to the best female dancer— was not awarded.
  • Mikhail Baryshnikov award to the best male dancer 1 000 US dollars— Andrey Batalov (Russia, St. Petersburg).
  • Nina Ananiashvili award to the most talented female dancer among the youngest competitors 1 000 US dollars— Anna Tzigankova (Russia, Novosibirsk).

Special awards and prizes

  • Perm State P.I. Tchaikovsky Opera and Ballet Theatre award for the best concert piece of contemporary choreography 1 000 US dollars— Alexander Petukhov (Russia, Moscow) for the piece "Does it feel sweet in the morning?".
  • Firm "Grishko" award manufacturing of two scenic ballet costumes at the performer option— Anna Ivanova (Russia, Moscow); Denis Medvedev (Russia, Moscow).
  • "Diaghilev House" award "The Hope of Russian Ballet"— Anna Tzigankova (Russia, Novosibirsk).


  • Diploma to a ballet-master for coaching the participants for the Competition— Raissa Struchkova (Russia, Moscow).
  • Diploma to the best accompanist— Alexey Melentyev (Russia, Moscow).
  • Diploma to the best partner of the Competition— Andrey Mussorin (Ukraine).

Jury of Press:

  • Jury of Press award for revival of danse-nobel in Russian male performing — Dmitry Gudanov (Russia, Moscow).
  • Diploma for performing of the concert piece "History of one horse" choreographed by Kirill Shmorgoner — Alexey Tyukov (Russia, Perm).
  • Diploma for pedagogical work with the duet of Yulia Dyatko and Konstantin Kuznetsov— Marianna Podkina (Byelorussia).
    Jury of Press notes:
  • for dancing virtuosity— Andrey Batalov (Russia, St. Petersburg),
  • as ballet-masters:—Tatiana Kapustina (Russia, Novosibirsk), Victor Barykin (Russia, Moscow).
    Jury of Press expresses thanks to:
  • for a high level of the program presentation— Ludmila N. Demeneva;
  • for preparing the press bulletins— Tatiana A. Kazarinova, Yelena Zavershinskaya, Anna Sklyarevskaya.
Anastasia Yatzenko and Dmitry Gudanov
Andrey Batalov
Vanessa Zakhorian
Konstantin Kuznetsov
Anna Tzigankova
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